Grand Canyon to Tucson

Inside lobby of the El Tovar. Totally old school!
It was a little chilly the morning we left. We learned later that it snowed quite a bit after we left!
Looking out at Mather Point
Jim’s iPhone does cool focus features
Learning how this canyon was made!
The colors are so much better in person
The Desert View Watchtower was made after the Canyon became a park. Had us totally fooled that it was a native landmark


Lunch in Flagstaff at Beaver St Brewing ... great chili! Jim is slowly growing his collection of beer coasters and we were given their 25th Anniversary coaster the day they got them. Next is Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona….

We took a sidetrip through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, home of a whole bunch of energy vortexes, if you didn’t know haha. It’s also the home of a LOT of touristy stuff and it was difficult to stop and take pictures of the beautiful natural surroundings. Jim just kept using all the superlatives, ‘This is so beautiful’, ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’. It really is.

Then on to Tucson, where we stayed at Bruce Johnson’s while his girls (Jean, Brittany and Blaire) were at Disneyland. He was a dream to take in these two wayward travelers!

Jim, Lisa and Bruce hitting the Coronas in Tucson

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