Tucson to Texas

Bruce and Jim checking out the morning view from the Johnson’s deck

After a great hometown breakfast at Viv’s Cafe with Bruce Johnson, Jim and Lisa said goodbye to the beautiful Johnson home in Tucson, and hit the road again. 2300+ miles into the trip, we have made the turn from south to east as we trek across the desert and into Texas. But first we had to make a stop by The Boneyard on the way out of town.

And then we headed out on the desert, lots of desert. Past Lisa’s Grandma Squirelock’s place at Sunsites, AZ…. past “The Thing” (famous from their billboards across AZ)… past rocky mountain passes…. and then more desert. Jim missed getting a picture next to a saguaro cactus, but there were many other cacti to be found. Because it’s all desert.
Entering the Land of Enchantment
The Lone Star State
Lisa keeping busy navigating and quilting simultaneously
Then we decided to stop in El Paso for lunch. We’ve heard good and bad about El Paso, but went in feeling positive. Thought we would visit the historic downtown area but in no time, we were at the Mexican border and did NOT want to leave our country at this time.
The Wall in El Paso (brown wall on the right of the onramp
We made our way out of the mess, waved goodbye to Mexico and found a GREAT Mexican restaurant to get our Mexican food fix. The L & J Cafe was just the ticket! Rated #1 in TripAdvisor, we didn’t quite expect it to be as busy as it was on a Saturday afternoon. Our server told us there’s a line everyday when they open at 8am. We were told by the locals to get the green chili chicken enchilada and it was totally worth it! After the excitement, it was back on the I-10, headed east. And more desert. Our only entertainment was personifying the trucks and cars as they make their way back and forth down the highway. Tonight, we made it as far as Ft Stockton, staying again at a 50’s motel, relaxing a little bit and trying not to feel the road under our butts. Next stop, San Antonio!
Jim working on his strumming when his hands aren’t on the steering wheel

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