Ft Stockton to San Antonio

Jim and Lisa said goodbye to Ft Stockton and continued east over the long, arid west Texas desert toward San Antonio. The trip was super boring at first, just desert with the occasional oil pump. No mountains, no water.

A mountain peak in West Texas

After a few hours, the terrain started to change as the trees and hills grew bigger. There is a promise of the bluebonnets when we go to into east Texas, but on today’s journey the trees were still winter bare and no wildflowers in sight.

San Antonio is a big city and full of life after a long, dry journey. Our goal is The Riverwalk in the old downtown. For those of us who haven’t been there before, is basically a sidewalk on both sides of the river that goes through the downtown of the city. It was built in the 1920’s and 1930’s and improved and extended over the years into a beautiful area full of restaurants and shops, full of families, tour boats, and lush plants. We couldn’t get enough of the place.

The Riverwalk in San Antonio

In order to get ourselves oriented to the whole scene, we started with the River boat guides. $12 per person and you can bring beer on board too. A boat and BEER? We’re sold! And of, course, we can’t just keep this fun to ourselves — we ran into a great family of ladies from El Paso… again and again and again! Meet our new friends – Grandma Aurura, Mom Stephanie, and daughters Annette and Belen on spring break from El Paso

Our new friends (from left to right) Annette, Stephanie, Aurora, and Belen.
We kept running into these fun ladies in town on Spring Break. Making great memories!

Aurora was able to point us in the direction of the Alamo which was nearby, but it had closed for the day. We’ll stop by in the morning on our way out of town.

The Alamo, right in downtown San Antonio.

We found a great TexMex restaurant and enjoyed watching the people, the boats and the ducks going by. A mariachi band would stroll by now and then, and of course, our lovely family of ladies — We just kept running into them! The weather was warm and slightly humid. Definitely not North Idaho.

The Republic of Texas restaurant at the Riverwalk. Lisa would recommend the Cilantro Chicken – yum! I’m sure even Andy would like it.

We’re resting up at the biggest hotel room we’ve ever had (a last minute steal on TripAdvisor at the Best Western Plus Riverwalk) and tomorrow we’re gonna say goodbye to the Alamo and head to Houston! We already know we’re gonna miss San Antonio.

6 thoughts on “Ft Stockton to San Antonio

  1. It was so nice to meet you all. I really enjoyed your story. You both seem like amazing people. I wish you a great and adventurous rest of your trip. God bless you both.


  2. We were also so happy to have met you.You’re such a beautiful couple. It seems as though we were meant to have met cuz we kept running into each other. I loved that both of you were so kind to my daughter and grandaughters. God Bless you both n have a wonderful n safe trip.


  3. The photo in front of the Alamo is a classic! Two beautiful people having a wonderful time. I got the URL for your blog from Dana, and I am grateful. I loved following your progress. So glad you are having fun. I have been to San Antonio, and to Houston, but nowhere else in Texas. It does not inspire me to want to go. I have heard the birding is fantastic at Big Bend National Park. Where else are you going? Are you going to continue east along the Gulf coast or head back north? Keep having fun and posting picture and interesting descriptions about what you’re doing and where you are. It is very enjoyable to follow along your route. Thanks.


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