Houston, No Problem

We woke up to another drizzly morning (we’re starting to sense a trend). But we’re in Houston and we’ve got a special day planned — Space Center Houston! This place is COOL! We got to see actual space capsules and other cool things from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and more. We were in the Skylab trainer, visited Mission Control (which just finished the SpaceX mission to the ISS and is getting ready for Orion), and got a special treat to see the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (just TRY to spell it) off the main campus. Lisa was in nerd heaven and Jim wasn’t far behind.

The cool feature of the day was a special trip to the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, were they train astronauts (and others) in the weightlessness of space. This is a new 40′ deep pool, the largest in North America.

But all this nerding must come to an end. Tomorrow, we leave our gracious Houstonian hosts and head off to New Orleans. As per our traveling style, we missed Mardi Gras — it was last week. Hopefully we’ll leave the wet weather behind us as well.

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