San Antonio to Houston

We woke up to a rainy San Antonio, so we didn’t get to revisit the Alamo as planned. Instead we decided to hit the road and head on toward Houston. We’re aiming to north Houston to visit Jim’s friends, Chris and Natalie West. Chris gave us directions for a scenic route off the freeway through the south Texas countryside. As we drove through, we noticed the locals were preparing for “something” but we could not figure out what they were doing. Each little ranch was setting up miles of tents and displays alongside the roadway. We stopped at a little BBQ joint, called the PawPaw’s Firehouse Cafe, to see what was going on.

The green hills of south Texas on a drizzly morning
The locals are getting ready for “something” but we couldn’t figure out what it could be. These structures went for MILES!

We stopped at a local BBQ place not because we were particularly hungry, but because we couldn’t figure out what was going on. It was a firehouse theme so of course we HAD to go in.

PawPaw’s Firehouse Cafe outside of Brenham, TX

After talking with one of the two Tina’s that waitressed there, we found that we were in the middle of antique country and the entire area of Round Top, Texas, was getting ready for their Spring Antique Show — 22 MILES of antique shows and sales for 1-2 weeks starting next week. Just our luck, we always just miss the big events! I can only imagine what treasures we could stuff into the Subie.

Paw-Paw himself was excited to meet Jim when he found out he just retired from the fire service. Turns out this newly opened BBQ joint had walls dedicated to firefighters, military and those who have died in the line of service. Jim was asked to sign the wall and he donated one of his shirts and badges to the cause. As a trade, they made him pose on this Sturgis sculpture called Hogwild. It was quite an event for the crew there.

Leaving Round Top, we headed through Brenham (just missing the Blue Bell Creamery that Chris told us to stop and visit) towards Houston. We eventually arrived at the beautiful home of Chris and Natalie and were welcomed in with true Texas hospitality.

When in Texas, you gotta do BBQ — and leave it to an engineer and a fireman to add oxygen to the fire!

Tomorrow, it’s Space Center Houston! Good thing we know a couple of members there….

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