Houston to New Orleans

So, Jim and Lisa have come up with different games to while away the hours on the road. One of them has become really intense! This is how it started: We listen to Sirius radio as we trek across the country. We change between classic rock, NPR, etc. We found Sirius Channel 30 somewhere between Death Valley and the Grand Canyon – it continuously counts down the Top 1,000 Classic Rock songs. It takes DAYS to get to #1 and then will start over again. Every time we get into the car, we turn it on to see where we’re at on the countdown. “Number 731” Ugh, we’re days away. Won’t find out what’s #1 on today’s trip. “Number 492” We’re in the top 500 but still no closer. “Number 223” Why is AC/DC higher than Creedence? “Number 99” We’re so close but we’re not gonna make it to Number 1 by the time we get to New Orleans. Damn! “Number 998” *&#%^$! We’re starting over!

We’ve been through this process about six times. Jim has tried googling the top 10. No avail. He’s even considered waking up in the middle of the night and going out the car to listen. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE #1 CLASSIC ROCK SONG WILL BE!

The road does crazy things to a person.

But we digress. Onward from Houston.

Finally, all FOUR of us in one picture!

We bid adieu to Chris and Natalie after some wonderfully southern smoked gouda grits and headed on toward New Orleans. Houston is a HUGE city, so on Chris’ suggestion we headed toward Beaumont, TX (home of Janis Joplin) and headed southeast from there.

Once we got to Louisiana, we checked our trusty TripAdvisor and found that the #1 lunch place is called Darrell’s for po-boys, more specifically get the “Darrell Special”. We found Darrell’s but — as per the Lyon way — we followed a tour bus (from Canada!) and knew we wouldn’t stand a chance. Lisa was getting a little hangry (and we all know what that means), but the heavens parted and led us to the small town of Jennings that had — low and behold — another Darrell’s in it – this one without tour buses! It’s basically a local sports bar with the best ham, roast beef and turkey sandwich heated on a roll with jalapeno mayo. OMG! It was delicious.

Get the Darrell Special. We ate it before we could take a picture, so we are left with a picture of the menu.

Other details: Gas here has been cheap, around $2.22. It’s 11:30am in New Orleans and already 82 degrees. The rain has been following us, which is the Lyon Usual. Oh wait, did I mention we’re in NEW ORLEANS!?

Our Airbnb in New Orleans

We stayed at an Airbnb about 1 mile east of the French Quarter. It’s a lovely, artsy place in a “shotgun” style house — as in you could THEORETICALLY shoot a bullet from the front to the back and the bullet wouldn’t hit anything on its way through. There are doors from room to room in a line to the back, no hallways and the house is usually very narrow. Karen’s house is modified a bit in the back so the bullet would need to take a left turn on the way to the backyard. Our gorgeous room is in that addition. The pictures don’t do her home justice — it is really a feast for the eyes. Artsy details and color everywhere! Lisa is always amazed at those whole can arrange objects and colors this way. It’s just beautiful.

After getting suggestions of what to see and do, our superhost Karen dropped us off in the French Quarter and left us to our own devices. We ate at a brassiere where we had local cuisine and listened to a modern jazz quartet. Not Jim’s favorite kind of jazz but the talent was amazing. Then off to Frenchmen Street, Karen’s suggestion for great music and she wasn’t wrong. We stumbled on a classic New Orleans brass band and then on to the local favorite, Antoine Diel and Misfit Power at The Spotted Cat. Karen calls him “a charming guy with a powerful voice.” She was right!

Tomorrow we get to do some more exploring and Lisa has a cajun cooking class in the evening. Yum!

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