New Orleans

After our first night in the Big Easy, we ended up sleeping in. Late. As in, we had breakfast at 1:30pm. But it was goooooood! (Satsuma if you’re interested). We had a slow start, but it seems the rest of the city is that way too.

Inspired by the local talent, Jim continues to practice his gee-tar

We walked off breakfast going back to the French Quarter, which was slow to wake up as well. We wanted to go to the French Market, but it was closed due to filming of a TV show, Sugar Queen. So we people-watched and boat-watched along the Mississippi riverwalk. Big container ships battle with strong river currents, sharp bends and other traffic, such as the big paddlewheelers and tug boats — it’s a crazy scene and evidently pretty dangerous. In addition, New Orleans is lower than the river, which is very freaky when you see the levees and remember the damage a hurricane can do to this historical area.

We took the ferry across this busy waterway to Algier’s Point and Lisa’s creole cooking class. She found it on Airbnb while searching for places to stay in New Orleans. Airbnb offers something called “Experiences” — you can take a tour of the city or its famous above-ground cemeteries, have someone take you to the best jazz clubs, or take a creole cooking class with a local chef. That’s what Lisa did while Jim checked out a local barber shop and strolled around the Point. He joined Lisa at the end of the class to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

After filling up on dinner, we headed back the Frenchmen Street (our favorite place for music) and checked out another music club with a brass band and we recognized two of the players from the night before. Are we becoming regulars?

It has to be noted here that Jim was recognized by one of our firefighter’s brother as we walked down the street. “Jim Lyon! Didn’t you just retire?” Of COURSE Jim runs into someone who knows him in New Orleans. He’s that famous.

Two of these guys were in a different band the night before! And yes, earplugs would have been a good idea.
New Orleans from across the river.

It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this beautiful, crazy, loud, colorful city in the morning. There is so much more to explore and see and hear in NOLA, but this intrepid couple is heading off to other adventures. Our plan is to head east toward Florida, sticking close to the Gulf of Mexico. We have no idea where will be tomorrow night. But for now, we’ll just savor New Orleans.

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