Country Clubbin’

We’re spending a few days in Dave’s newly adopted town of Estero, south of Ft Myers, FL. He lives in a country club with several friends, including his ladyfriend, Bunny, and his long-time friend, Andy. Their houses are all next to each other, overlooking their pools, golf course and sometimes gators!

Club lunch with Dave, Bunny, Matt and his dad, Andy, Lisa and Jim

Of course, you can’t be in Florida without doing those retirement things… and since this IS Jim’s retirement trip, we got signed up for lots of activities, such as bocce ball and ballroom dance lessons.

It was really fun to just relax and not worry about driving or work or the house or…. wait, we have a house? After two weeks and 4,200 miles, we’ve forgotten that we have a house somewhere!

Jim did get some fishing done at the pond behind Dave’s house… scored 5 fish in 20 minutes…. but you should have seen the two HUGE ones that got away!

Well, off to happy hour and then a few rounds of Singapore Gin (that’s a card game, not a drink. But a drink may improve Lisa’s card game). Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, but if the clouds cooperate, we hope to get in a Spring Training game as the Red Sox train nearby. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

One thought on “Country Clubbin’

  1. I just LOVE reading about your travels! Thanks so much for posting! The Gulf Coast is a part of the country I have never visited, so I find it very interesting. Sorry about the rain, but the bright sun might have been too hot! Sanibel Island is near Fort Myers. That is where George lived after Juneau, and when he took me to the northern tip of Sanibel Island, and asked me if this wasn’t just the most beautiful place I had ever seen…and I knew that was the end…and I said ” No I love Alaska. Sorry” Oh well, that was my former life and I have not been back. Oh actually, I have been to Orlando for a conference. I also had visited Houston and the NASA facility! Pretty amazing. So glad you got to tour it! Have fun you two! So nice to see David’s place, and happy he is enjoying his new life. Relax and keep writing! We are finally having spring…60 degrees and sunny!


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