Rainy Day Cruising

“You should have been here yesterday…. the weather was PERFECT!”

Says everyone we meet on our journey

As the weather guy has been forecasting, the rain that has been following us since California has hit Florida pretty steadily. The Gulf Coast is a tropical paradise, and we hear that there is sun here, but we haven’t seen it. We’re sure the locals would like less rain too because so many roofs are still covered in tarps from recent hurricanes. Even more than a year later, Dave has damage to his roof that he’s waiting to get repaired.

Rain coming through the screened “cage” over the pool.

Jim did tough it out a bit to get some fishing in the pond in their backyard. Just like last night, Jim was catching fish quickly, including bass (large and small mouth) and a peacock bass. And he’s been keeping his eye on alligators — one ate a golf ball right in front of one of the ladies on the course just two days ago!

Today’s catch — Jim believes it to be a big mouth, but whatever it was, it was a chubby!

On this trip, however, we’ve proven that a little bit of rain isn’t going to stop us! So we went to Plan B: A nice drive around Naples, FL where the rich people live. “Rich” like the One-Percenters. Like you would expect to see a Kardasian to walk down the street… if they were ever to walk down a street! We saw cars we’ve never seen before (ever heard of a Revero Karma? Puts the Tesla to shame). The mansions were massive and ostentatious. It was like “Crazy Rich Asians” but in Florida.

We’ve decided to trade in our St Joe river lot for the same size one on the Gold Coast of Naples. We’re just $15,850,000 shy… do you think our bank will give us a loan? We can park our trailer on it and we’ll be set. I’m sure the neighbors will love us setting up camp next door. And we wouldn’t let living in Naples go to our heads…. we’d still invite the Caplutters over for some PBR’s. In a can, of course!

After we had our fill of fawncey mansions and beautiful landscaping, Bunny took us to her favorite waterside restaurant, the Bayside Cafe, where we had our fill of the most perfect coconut shrimp – yum! And yes, the restaurant also had great views of even more fawncey homes which were built right on the water and you can only get to by boat! Not too bad for a rainy day, eh?

We fought our way back through the traffic (to us Idaho kids, EVERYPLACE has traffic!), and made it home in time for a nap and another rousing game of Singapore Gin. Lisa is considering working on making a drink called the Singapore Gin, based on the Singapore Sling…. but with more gin. Rimshot please!

Bunny, Jim, Dave and friends working three steps ahead in Singapore Gin

Tomorrow is our last full day in the Ft Myers area, so rain or shine we’re heading to Sanibel Island to see what everyone’s talking about! We’ve heard great things about it and hopefully the sun will peak out a few rays to let us know it’s still up there. And I’m sure Jim will be finding some time for fishing. It may be difficult to get him away from the pond!

One thought on “Rainy Day Cruising

  1. Lots of birds on Sanibel Island…like egrets and Roseate spoonbills, and several kinds of herons. Bring binoculars! We rented bikes and rode through Ding Darling___(refuge? wildlife center?) I can’t remember. Saw crocodiles too. Have fun!


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