Islamorada and Marathon

Continuing with our story of our not-so-lush hotel in Islamorada, there is more news to report. First, in the middle of the night, there was a knock on the door. “This is the manager. Are you in there?” “Uh, yes, we’re here.” “Is this room rented?” “Yes, we rented it yesterday.” “Um, oh, okay.” What the…?

So this morning, we get a text telling us they rented us the wrong room and we need to move out. Evidently, our dive of a honeymoon suite was rented to someone who paid even more than we did and so we were to leave the room in 10 minutes. Again, what the….? We moved out, everything back into the car (did we mention we’re on the third floor with no elevator or help?). We’ll come back later when they get their act together. Fortunately, make-up, clean hair or even showers aren’t necessarily required on the Keys, so we fit right in with the locals. After a pitstop at Starbucks, we headed further south toward Marathon Key, taking in the calming the sight of the beautiful turquoise waters.

The Overseas Highway was originally a train track until 1935, then it was covered over with pavement for automobiles. In 1982, the more modern sections of the highway were opened, leaving the original highway for fishing piers and movie sets (“True Lies” and other tales of the Highway).

As we got closer to Marathon, we noticed that many of the mangrove trees were gray or leafless. This was a big change from when were here two years ago with Andy. It’s are result ofHurricane Irma in September 2017 (the same one that damaged Puerto Rico) and many of the homes and Keys are still recovering today. We have seen damaged buildings, empty foundations and new construction, especially around Marathon in the middle of the chain of islands. We wonder how long it will take for the trees to regrow after being stripped bare by the high force winds.

Our goal for days (make that MONTHS) has been to just sit on a beach in the sun with a book. We did that today at Bahia Honda State Beach on Big Pine Key. We almost felt guilty about sitting on this beach, looking out at the light green water, and wondering what our friends at home were doing. Okay, maybe we didn’t feel too guilty. Actually we did. We wished you were all here with us!

But alas, we needed to get back to see if we still have a room tonight at the “resort.” On the way, we had to feed some tarpon at Robbie’s (a must for Lyons traveling to the Keys) and see Sunset #2, again at Lorelei’s. Somewhere in there we grabbed some new beer coasters and empanadas at the Florida Keys Brewing Company. Tomorrow we may go back toward Key Largo, or try another brewing company, and of course find another beach. We’re also keeping up with the sunblock for our winter white skin (did you know they have special sunblock here? Idaho sunblock can kill the coral reefs).

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