Today is a day of rest after several days of traveling up the Eastern seaboard. We’re staying in Suffolk, VA for several days, getting caught up with Bill and Aster, doing laundry, getting to know the local history and giving Subie a much-deserved rest. But no rest for us– Time to hit the gym after 6,000-plus miles of sitting in a car.

After our workout, it was time to explore. We first head to Chippokes Plantation State Park to check out a little-known secret — a small beach on the James River that has millions of fossilized shells. Note that these are shells… on a river…. that are fossilized. That means this area used to be under the ocean. Bill found this hidden area on a previous visit. There is a large layer of shells packed into the sand that has been eroded away from the cliff by the river. The beach is literally littered with these fossils from millions of years ago.

Next we had a driving tour of the area, took a ferry to Jamestown, checked out Colonial Williamsburg (though closing for the day when we got there). We also checked out other historical houses, plantations that have been in families for CENTURIES, and drove by Newport News where they are currently building two huge aircraft carriers. It was a beautifully sunny but crisp day to see the sights and we had great tour guides will Bill and Aster.

After all this touring and working out, it was time to eat again! The River Stone Chop House is a great place just around the corner where we got a good juicy steak or crabcakes. Afterwards, with full stomachs, we cruised around the ritzy district and found some crazy big mansions. Houses sure have changed since Jamestown!

Tomorrow we’re headed over to Oceana. Lisa has no idea what that is, but we’ll find out tomorrow!

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