Day 1 – CDA to Winnemucca

Well, we made it to Pendleton despite car GPS telling us to go different way. We’re Team Google Maps I guess. May try for Reno if we can. Found rooms for $50 and in Vegas later on for $20 at the Luxor. Cheaper than camping! Unless we gamble.

Lisa’s Take:

It didn’t take long for this Hangry Kitty to get hungry! We stopped at Sisters Cafe in Pendleton after traipsing all over where Google told us to go. I was looking for the neato cafe that Lyz and I ate at after the Eclipse but couldn’t find it.

I had the Greek Chicken salad if you’re wondering.

Google had us take the scenic route between Tri-Cities and Pendleton. We went along the Columbia river… with snow and lots of bald eagles! Jim has a good eye finding those guys … an ‘eagle eye’, you could say!

Sorry, you’re gonna have to put up with my bad puns.

Headed next towards Nampa back in Idaho before going to Nevada. We’ll drive through Baker City and by the little rest area in Lima where Lyz and i saw the Eclipse. Looks a lot different now in the snow. Google Says we’ll be in Reno by 10pm… if we don’t stop earlier.

5:14pm Loves Truck Stop, Ontario, OR

Gas break and sitting in the sun for a breather. It’s 47 degrees and gas is $2.29 (that tidbit is for Dana). We’re heading back into Idaho then head south towards Reno. We’re thinking of continuing on instead of sitting in a hotel. I also think Jim really likes the $20 room rates in Vegas!

Time to check in with a paper map and move on. I’m driving now!

12 hours. 678 miles. Winnemucca. Time for bed!

Somewhere outside of Ontario. Sunset wasn’t too exceptional but we’re thinking of taking pics of all our sunsets…?

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